when you know you are meant for more.

you refuse to settle for less. 

very few people live up to their full potential.

to break the cycle of sabotage, to break free from fear and limitation, we sometimes need the right support. 
someone to shine light on what we are not quite able to see. 

coaching is the gateway drug and fast lane to overcoming resistance and live that exceptional life you desire.

it’s a save path of transformation. inside out.

deep. permanent. sustainable.


inside out."

I question your status quo to disrupt your reality.
what I do provides a fast, profound and lasting solution.

it massively upgrades your resilience, performance – and the quality of your life.

what I offer incorporates NLP, hypnotherapy, kinesiology, movement therapy, applied psychology & intuitive techniques.

and a hell lot of personal spice.

my clients create miracles.

every. single. day.

they expand their prosperity into all areas of their life.
create revolutionary businesses and beautiful relationships.
touch, move, influence & inspire people.
they are set out to make an impact and a difference in this world.

what they say.

“I wasn't even aware i had money issues … but Ina mirrored a deeper pattern in my psychology that kept me stuck, leading to a BIG financial breakthrough and multiple high ticket sales within a week!"
Laura Licata
Energy Healer
“This woman is my secret weapon. Every time I go in for a session I come out clear, my mind razor-sharp and bathed in emotional sanity. To say the least – my wife is eternally grateful to her!”




and return to life.
this expansive 1:1 experience
is for leaders wanting to turn life all the way on.
build a peak performance mind.
align your values and visions.
master your emotions.
create ways and unbeatable habits,
to make your energy soar.
tailored to your needs –
from a three month intensive to a nine month inversion.

starting from $ 2,800 USD


a pick me up sort of thing.
sometimes we just need a little help – a push in the right direction, velvety gloves or even that very brisk honesty. 
in a 3 hour deep dive we sort you out: a recurring anxiety attack, stage fear, the conflict with your co-founders, the big event you’re about to pull off…

*previous & current clients
and referrals only*

only a day.

some things need un-distracted attention.  
for a day, or two.
no matter if you are facing a massive challenge, need to dig yourself out of a never ending rabbit hole, want to outline your action and performance for the next few month – after diving deep for a day, you’ll walk away with a game plan ready to put into action. and unshakable confidence.

*previous & current clients
and referrals only*


consider this a spoiler alert.
1:1 is highly effective, expansive and high touch. 
it’s a relationship.
and a two-directional road.
I only ever work with three people at a time and I carefully choose who I work with.
I want to see results as much as you do.
that’s why I need you to be fully invested.
it’ll cost you more than money: your time, energy, sweat and tears.
like anything good in life.
you’ll have to let go of your resistance, your limitations and your old pattern-
and be fully invested in your desire to change. 
then we can move and re-create.
your mind. your body. great things.