this is about you.

the dilemma.

success gets meaningless if you don’t feel worthy. 

admiration becomes irrelevant if you feel alone. 

money is insignificant if health is broken.

the inside job.

I believe that the reality we experience, the outside world, is a mere reflection of what’s going on inside.

what you believe you’re worthy of having.
what you think you’re capable of doing.

the story we tell ourselves determines what is possible for us – or what is not.


when I found myself knee-deep in self-pity and victim-hood – I made a decision: 

that’s not good enough.

a 13 year old girl, I was looking at a broken family, a depressive episode and debilitating health issues.

I took an intentional step out of victim-hood and made my mental and physical wellbeing a matter of choice.

I immersed myself in applied psychology, mental training methods, physical conditioning, energy healing, nutritional therapy.

I went from sleeping 14 hours a day and not knowing how to make it through another moment of despair to becoming a personal trainer by age 17, sailing through high school and later university.
I climbed that corporate ladder while consulting also agencies and entrepreneurs on all things resilience, physical & mental health.

we are what we think and we become the story we tell ourselves.

so I started to tell myself another story, one that allowed myself to grow out of circumstances and heal, inside out.

you’ll need to exhale what you inhale.

I seek to inspire positive change and encourage growth in people – holistically: expanding their physical well being as well as their mental & emotional reality.

my work addresses personalities that are deeply driven to make an impact yet unwilling to sacrifice life, values or self respect. human being that want and have to maintain a level of performance while enhancing their resilience.

I consult and teach on all things life, performance and health – moving the body and the mind alike.

ways to work with me.