a tiny little virus has led the whole wide world to stand still. 
in nearly every aspect of our life we’re facing sweeping changes, massive disruptions. 

it’s a time of uncertainty, adversity and very little predictability. 

that causes a lot of distress, for your physical and your mental well being.
it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by anxiety or to get eaten up by your fears and worries.

face what’s there and thrive

let me help you navigate through this time – and beyond – saner, happier, healthier.

I combine elements from movement therapy, neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and NLP.

my methodology is holistic, yet backed by science – and by the results my clients achieve.

my goal is to set you up for performance. and a life lived to the fullest.
despite the obstacles, despite an emotional downward spiral, despite the challenges of working from home or having to handle isolation.

beat overwhelm

we’re facing a very special situation – and that might trigger a whole lot of uncomfortable feelings and emotions.
with techniques from positive psychology and emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to entertain the right thoughts and gain perspective.
it’s a great moment to face inner demons and move on.
create change and momentum instead of remain paralyzed by fear and anxiety.

productivity & performance

you’ve been sent to work from home and soon realized that the comfort of your house is not what helps you upgrade productivity and performance.
let’s dig into hacks and create habits that help you stay productive and at your best performance.
got kids and other family members that need your attention? yep, we’ll also look into communication skills and relationship management. 

stay well

currently there’s a lot that causes you to fall out of balance – physically, mentally and emotionally. 
new triggers and ways we get stressed – combined with less healthy means of coping. 
let’s take care of your needs – because only if you feel your best, you’ll be able to perform your best. 
we’ll find new ways of upgrading your resilience, of moving your body and your mind. 



get my full and undivided attention for an intensive 90-minute session.
this is a special offer to get you out of the rabbit hole and moving – rapidly.
beat anxiety, overcome existential fears, come up for air. 
you’ll not only feel grounded and calm – you’ll also be clear on your next steps.

€ 167 (covid special)

take control of your life

the current situation showed us one thing: we are not in control of the circumstances.
though we’ve never been, the magnitude is new: we simply don’t know. 
what we are in full control of however: our intentions, our actions, our thoughts & feelings.
and those have a great impact on how successfully we live our life. 

this 5 day immersion is about getting you unstuck, out of procrastination and self sabotage and moving. 

what’s holding you back, where are you stuck, what story are you telling yourself to not take action? what do you do daily to not become the person you know you can be?

this is about beating your fears, your limiting beliefs, your inner obstacles – so you can win the mental game and be the person you know you can be.
you’ll get:
+ science-backed tools and techniques to work your way around anxiety and sabotage +
+ on-spot coaching +
+ real time advice and first hand help in an intimate group setting +

starting 11th of May 2020

€ 367 (covid special)

workshops x 3

I’ll hold three individual workshops that all take a closer look at the given topic. We’ll also account for how crisis might enhance situations of distress and how we can successfully encounter that.
I believe that through knowledge we are able to make educated hence better choices which is why the first part provides an understanding of what’s happening in your brain and body. You’ll then learn tools and techniques to optimize your individual situation. There’ll be time for questions and to discuss cases.  

resilience & balance

how can we maintain a well and balanced state of mind when there is chaos and adversity around us.
what you’ll learn:
+ how stress affects your physical, emotional and mental well being + how you get more resilient + individual concept of balance +

5th May 2020 9:00 am EST

€ 57
(covid special)

productivity & performance

whether you were asked to work from home, wondering how you stay productive amidst family life and life’s demands.
or you face new challenges as clients, employees, superiors and colleagues react emotionally, anxious, different. 
we’ll look into how we can optimize and maintain a high level of productivity and performance. amidst the current chaos and beyond.

7th th May 2020 9:00 am EST

€ 57
(covid special)

fear & overwhelm

how would it feel to not be at the mercy of your emotions. to not snap at your partner because you’re having a hard time. to not be overwhelmed and paralyzed by your fears and frustration.
we take a dip into the mastery of emotions and learn how we can influence if not define our states – and take back the control of actions.

8th May 2020 9:00 am EST

€ 57
(covid special)


quick fix

in these times of uncertainty and adversity, I am offering free 30-minutes sessions on Mondays and Thursdays.
get over a fear or moments of despair, discuss a problem, broaden perspective, swap anxiety for possibility.

f r e e

expert session

I’ll invite experts on mental health, movement, positive psychology onto my virtual couch.
these are going to be live sessions with the possibility to ask questions or discuss individual situations.

f r e e

stay tuned.

get informed when we go live with experts, get weekly motivation and inspiration, learn on how to stay well and centered amidst chaos. 

stay home, stay well

COVID-19 special

stay tuned.

get informed when we go live with experts, get weekly motivation and inspiration, learn on how to stay well and centered amidst chaos.