we create

movement, momentum & headspace.

for performance and resilience.
within your corporation, for your people.

to inspire & implement change.

building up tomorrow’s workforce.
whereve you are. 

the ROIs

of promoting your employees wellbeing.

reduce absenteeism

technology, constant availability, high pressure – we’re dealing with new forms of stress in today’s reality. workplaces that support mental + physical health of their workforce significantly reduce absenteeism, thus lowering the costs of sick leave. 

enhance productivity

healthy employees will put in the extra work and go that extra mile – happily.
pain-free, healthy, happy + energized people have significant higher levels of focus and motivation – multiplying the outcome for your company.

employees identification

a company that promotes positive values and takes care of their employees’ well-being, offers great reason for identification, which significantly boosts financial performance, according to a study of HBR.

positive culture

creating a culture of positivity + respect, investing in the “feel good”-factor results in greater job satisfaction and retention. people are not only more likely to come to work with you or remain employees – they also sincerely wanna see their employer thrive. 

attract potential

wanna be that employer of choice? high potentials greatly value company’s offers on health and wellness. in fact, it’s that important factor of choosing their future work place over another – giving you the competitive edge to attracting great employees. 

up company's performance

organisations with effective health and well-being strategies and programs are about 80% more likely to record significantly higher financial performance than competitors who don’t. a more resilient, identified and satisfied workforce can do that!

the dark side of stress.

if you run a company – you know the drill: sick employees not only slow down growth and productivity, it’s also a pretty costly issue.
stress is becoming more and more a problem for employees, leading to mental health issues, burn out and absenteeism – a problem we need to start addressing differently. 

billion days of absence due to burnout
1 %
feel stressed due to constant availability
1 %
are exhausted due to overworking
1 %
draw on drinking to cope with stress

want to understand how we can help you out here?

the inside job.

we bring a team of experts to the table, covering all things mental & physical health and well-being. 

facilitating in-house trainings, workshops and talks – to inspire change and make sure ideas move into implementation.



modern life and technology bring new challenges: new forms of mental stress, anxiety and health issues.
we need effective strategies to cope with stress, constant distraction and manage availability.
not only in the office. 

mindfulness & mental health

especially high executives work under high demand and pressure. the constant worrying keeps us in a state of fight & flight and literally drive us mad. here is to how we can simply breath and think that away, getting to new levels of performance while feeling great.

team offsite

ditch the office for a day – or two – and offer your team the ultimate corporate offsite experience –
tapping into resilience, fun & play, holistic health and much, much more. 

thoughtful leadership

communicative skills, empathy, emotional intelligence – nowadays leaders face challenges that haven’t been met in traditional leadership trainings.
now, here we go.

workplace ergonomics

covering the specifics of how to shape a workplace that keeps your employee’s sanity and health high up. looking into posture & movement as well as enhancing mental health climate.

workplace wellness

we don’t all want bean bags and free food. but we all want to balance work + play.
here is how to actually create a positive work environment + culture.


or need more customized version, tailored to to your company’s needs?