Life by design & a performance mind for high potentials & leaders.

you’re strong. successful. influential.
yet, something is missing.

a lingering sense of dissatisfaction.
something is just not quite enough.

you didn’t get here unscathed. 
worked hard, maybe a little too hard.

success came at a cost.

what’s been your sacrifice?

self respect?

work with me?

take the test.

hi, I'm Ina.

I help top performers master the balance between an exceptional, impactful profession and a full & rich life.

My expertise is to take high achievers to yet unknown levels of potential, creativity and impact.

while they experience an upgrade of their life, relationships, well-being and health.

you want to be exceptional.
absurdly impactful.
go the extra mile.

while feeling great
& experiencing life’s riches to the fullest.

lean back - you are in great hands.

work with Ina?!

oh, hello!

how nice of you to step by, aint gonna let you off the hook so soon.

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