Creative Strategist, Branding Enthusiast, Storyteller, audience Empath &
lover of Co-Creative/agile Methods

about me

My professional expertise and love clearly is in branding, marketing communication, storytelling and strategy.

My work, however, is not about me – it is about them: in branding what we aim for, is to turn user centricity into user obsession. We want to create love brands.It is also about the brand, it’s personality, it’s story. I have a professional need for creation and innovation. Breathing life, values and soul into brands, products or whole companies is what I really like doing.
A natural empath, I feel for clients, potential customers, employees and bosses alike. I walk their shoes, embody their behavior, understand their desires. And I like converting that research into strategy – for communication, branding, product innovation diversification & development.
I have a thing for co-creative methods and all things agility. There is just something magical about throwing together diverse expertise and knowledge – and design-sprinting through a week of collaboration and ideation.

a few stages of my professional journey

Within the XING Brand Marketing Team I am accountable for the management of XING’s brand campaigns, in a tandem leadership together with a colleague of the brand strategy department of XING’s mother company New Work SE.

In a consumer centric approach we develop creative strategies for brand communication, often out of user researches, while we ensure that XING’s mission, vision and value proposition is seen and heard in every piece of communication.

Communication is built along the customer journey of all communicative touchpoints onsite and external ATL and BTL. My responsibilities include the project management of internal communication channels as well as the steering of external stakeholders.

The messaging is built along a customer journey of communicative touchpoint, including all internal and external communicative channels.

The current project I am co-managing is XING’s most recent and so far biggest brand campaign “Mach Dein XING”, featured in W&V and Horizont.

I’ve worked for AUDI AG in PR Lifestyle Communication, the AUDI Design Team and the Marketing Communication department. In my last position as a Cross-Media- Communication Manager, I was accountable for including various stakeholders and strategies into the ideation and creation of the marketing communication.

We created and optimized an integrated communication process. In that role I briefed creative agencies and developed planning books for products, sub-brands and the overall brand communication.

The AUDI Design is understood as a sub-brand within the umbrella of the AUDI brand. Within the Design Communication, my accountability was co-creating the brand identity and appearance. With the help of various service providers, such as architects and design consultants, we conceived the representation of the AUDI Design in the AUDI Pavilion WOB. 
Furthermore, I was responsible for the internal event management and communication for the AUDI Design Team.


I chose Asia over Ingolstadt and freelanced as a communication & branding strategy consultant operating from Bali. I paired up with other digital natives and advised entrepreneurs and start-ups in Asian hotspots like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta.
I continue to consult and support entrepreneurs and personal brands on building up their brand, establishing communicative strategies and digitizing business and products.
I’m curious about how work and work places  will transform in the future and how we can influence change. Which is why I connect with like-minded people, organize workshops, talks and exchanges to all things “New Work”.

Started as a side-hustle, I’ve built my own personal brand and thought leadership, working with executives and entrepreneurs on mental health issues. I have a background as a movement educator and I am trained as a NLP practitioner. I’ve specialized in burn-out and relationship management and offered coaching to the stressed and burnt-out. To push not only my brand but the awareness for mental health I develop a thought leadership, contributed articles (own media, Medium, LinkedIn) and started a podcast on that topic. Hence, I followed an inbound marketing approach and was lucky enough to have great word-of- mouth recommendation.